Takasago Dojo

Address: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Takasago 2-14-13 or search Google Maps for “Shoheijuku Takasago Dojo”.

Approximately 10 minutes walk from Nishitetsu Hirao station. Pay parking is readily available in the area.

Weekly Schedule

Mon7:00~8:00Suganuma Shihan Dojo Cho
 18:30~19:30Matsuo (3), Irie (3)
Tue10:30~11:30Fujioka Shihan
 17:00~18:00 (Children)Takemura Shihan
 18:30~19:30Takemura Shihan
Wed7:00~8:00Takemura Shihan
 18:30~19:30Nishida (7)
Thu10:30~11:30Takemura Shihan
 18:30~19:30Aoki (6)
Fri7:00~8:00Fujioka Shihan
 17:00~18:00 (Children)Suganuma Shihan Dojo Cho
 18:30~19:30Suganuma Shihan Dojo Cho
Sat10:30~11:30Nakamura Shihan
 18:30~19:30I. Takeshita (7), T. Takeshita (6)
Sun9:00~10:00Hashimoto (8), Nakano (3)
 10:30~11:30Suganuma Shihan Dojo Cho* / Imaizumi (7)

*Please check the calendar.

Admission Fee and Monthly Fee

Membership TypeAdmission FeeMonthly Fee
Special member*8,800円11,000円
University Student8,800円7,150円
High School Student8,800円5,500円
One (specified) day per week only8,800円4,400円

*Special members may participate in all six dojos (Honbu, Fukuoka, Takasago, Tenjin, Gokoku, and Fujisaki). Other members may practice only at their dojo.

*During the absence from the dojo, those who participate in “de-geiko” can participate in practice for 1,650 yen/day.

*Please contact the Honbu Dojo (office) for details about the degeiko system.