Hombu Dojo

Address: 812-0893 Fukuoka-shi, Hakata-ku, Naka 5-2-32 or search Google Maps for “Shoheijuku Hombu Dojo”
ph: 092-431-9104 (Japanese only)

  • About 20 minutes walk (1.2km) from JR Takeshita Station (Kagoshima line).
  • 5 minutes walk from “Naka 5-chome” (naka go chome) bus stop (route 44), which is in front of the Gundam Statue and La La Port shopping center.
  • 5 minutes walk from the “Itazuke 7-chome” (itazuke nana chome) bus stop (route 40).
  • 5 minutes walk from LaLaPort Fukuoka bus stop (LaLaPortFUKUOKA bus).

Dojo and adjacent street parking is very limited. Paid parking is available at the parking stations opposite Cosmos. Bicycles can be parked in front of the dojo, but please do not park them in front of other buildings. See the image below for guidance.4

Weekly Schedule

Mon7:00~8:00Nakamura Shihan
 17:00~18:00 (Children)Yamada (5)
 18:30~19:30Yamada (5)
Tue10:30~11:30Suganuma Shihan Dojo Cho
 12:00~13:00 (Calligraphy)Suganuma Shihan Dojo Cho
Wed7:00~8:00Nakamura Shihan
 15:00~18:00 (Calligraphy)Suganuma Shihan Dojo Cho
 18:30~19:30Suganuma Shihan Dojo Cho
Thu10:30~11:30Yamada (5)
Fri7:00~8:00Nakamura Shihan
 17:00~18:00 (Children)(Shoheijuku Instructor)
 18:30~19:30(Shoheijuku Instructor)
Sat10:30~11:30Inoue (6), Nagashima (3), Kihara (4)
 18:30~19:30Katsuhiko Suganuma Shihan
Deputy Dojo Cho
Sun10:00~11:00Nakamura Shihan / Ono (2), Fuji (3)

Admission Fee and Monthly Fee

Membership TypeAdmission FeeMonthly Fee
Special member*8,800円11,000円
University Student8,800円7,150円
High School Student8,800円5,500円
One (specified) day per week only8,800円4,400円

*Special members may participate in all six dojos (Honbu, Fukuoka, Takasago, Tenjin, Gokoku, and Fujisaki). Other members may practice only at their dojo.

*During the absence from the dojo, those who participate in “de-geiko” can participate in practice for 1,650 yen/day.

*Please contact the Honbu Dojo (office) for details about the degeiko system.