Shoheijuku Newsletter July 2024

Genki School Trial Class

On June 4th and June 18th, 32 foreign students from Genki School joined our regular class to experience Aikido as their field trip. It was first time to try Aikido for all of them but everyone looked very interested and having fun practicing Aikido. 


On Sunday, June 9th, the examination and seminar for Yuyukai (Mr. Tsukasa Yoshida, Dojo Rep) were held at Kakogawa City Martial Arts Hall. 

With over 60 participants including those from the nearby dojos in Kansai, Shimane, and Okayama, it turned out a very lively seminar.

As I wrote last year, I was strongly impressed to see that everyone was doing “zanshin” very well during the children’s examination.

Ogoori Aikidokai

On Saturday, June 15th, the examination and seminar for Ogoori Aikidokai (Mr. Shigetoshi Kage, Dojo Rep) were held at Ogoori City Martial Arts Hall.

Though the number of members decreased due to COVID-19, they have more children class members recently and it was a lively examination. 

Oita Area Joint Examination

On Sunday, June 16th, the Oita area joint examination was held at Resonac Martial Arts Sports Centre in Oita City. 12 groups participated.

Katsuhiko Suganuma was present at the examination.

In the past, we always had a joint practice after the examination. However, we could not do it this time because there were so many examinees. 

Shimonoseki Dojo

On Sunday, June 23rd, the seminar and examination for Shimonoseki Dojo (Mr. Hideo Matsuno, Dojo Rep) were held at the Prefectural Martial Arts Hall in Shimonoseki.

Members from Yamaguchi Showakai, Wakamatsu Dojo, Yahata Dojo, Gakken Toshi Dojo, and Kyushu Institute of Technology also joined us. After the events, we had a socializing party and had a good time. 

Usa Aikidokai

As seminar and examination for Usa Aikidokai (Mr. Masamitsu Nagaie, Dojo Rep) were scheduled on Sunday, June 30th, I went there with Daisuke Maeda. However, we could not have the seminar as we had so many examinees for the kyu/dan examination, especially for high-rank blackbelt testing.     

Hirokawa Dojo

On Saturday, June 20th, an examination for children for Hirokawa Dojo (Mr. Michiya Nakamoto, Dojo Rep) was held at Shoheijuku Hombu Dojo. We had 6 examinees. Their parents were also watching earnestly.     

Events in July

6 – Seinan Gakuin Unversity (Katsuhiko)
7 – Women’s seminar (Suganuma)
7 – Zazen & Yoga
13 – Tobata Dojo (Fujioka)
14 – Yatsushiro Dojo
14 – Yanagawa Dojo (Yamada)
15 – Isahaya Dojo (Yamada)