48th Online Member Recruitment Notice (for July 2024)

We will be streaming video materials stored at Shohei Juku, including demonstrations, seminars, and training scenes from the past and present of Suganuma Morito Sensei, Suganuma Katsuhiko Sensei, and other instructors.

In addition, we will accept questions and requests from you all and will make a video of our answers and distribute them.

This video distribution project was started as an effort to find something we could do given the restrictions on our activities caused by COVID-19.

We will use the online membership fees you give us carefully to maintain and operate the Shohei Juku dojo, so we ask that you apply as many times as possible.

The 48th release will be held in July 2024 , so if you are interested, please apply using the details below.

  1. We will use Google Drive’s file sharing function for distribution .
    If you do not have a Google account, please set up Google Mail (Gmail) and download Google Drive.
  2. Please apply by accessing the form link below. The application deadline is June 28th.


  1. After confirming your application details, we will send you information about payment methods, viewing methods, etc. via the G-mail address you registered after the application deadline.
  2. Once the paperwork and payment have been completed, the video will be distributed (shared) by the distribution month.
    *If you already wish to “continue renewing,” there is no need to apply through this form.
    *If you wish to apply after the deadline, please contact us at shoheijuku3@gmail.com and we will assist you.

Click here to view back issues.

For example, you can purchase individual packages such as “I would like to receive two folders, No. 4 and No. 7.” If you are interested, please contact shoheijuku3@gmail.com.

About online membership

The application fee is 3,300 yen (tax included).

Please make sure that payments sent from overseas total 3,300 yen.

Videos will be added to the folder during the distribution month.
We plan to update the shared folder so that you can view videos of 10 to 30 titles.
We hope that this video distribution service will be of some help to you in your training.
If you have any questions, please contact us at the email address listed below.