Josei-no-tsudoi – Seminar for Women

We will be holding a women-only seminar called “Josei no tsudoi” as detailed below.

[Date] 7 July 2024 (Sunday) 10:00-11:30

*After the event, there will be a roundtable discussion for those who wish to participate (until 13:00. Light refreshments will be provided).

[Location] Shoheijuku Tenjin Dojo

[Instructor] Master Morito Suganuma

[Fee] 2,200 yen


“Basic techniques and body movements that focus on breathing.”

“Mental Health Relaxation Yoga Exercises.”


If possible, please register online in advance using the link below.

(You can still participate even if you have not registered online.)

Organizers: Yuko Mori, Yumi Shibata, and Yoshiko Fujii