Shoheijuku Newsletter May 2024

Kumamoto Dojo

On Sunday, April 14th, the seminar and Dan/Kyu examination for Kumamoto Dojo (Mr. Koichi Honda, Dojo Rep) were held at Kumamoto Budokan. People from other dojos within the prefecture and from Omuta Dojo joined us. As it was a well-attended, lively seminar with a friendly atmosphere, I came back with a great feeling.         

Yoga & Zaenkai

On Sunday, April 21st, we had a Yoga & Zazenkai session at Shoheijuku Hombu Dojo. Twelve people participated.

As I was not fully recovered yet, we softened our whole body with Yoga exercises first and then sat for about 30 minutes.

After the session, we enjoyed chatting as having Japanese tea.

I have heard that controlling body, breath, and mind is important in Zen. I think that is important for Aikido as well.

The 35th Embukai

~ Concluded with great success ~

On May 3rd (a statutory holiday), the 35th Shoheijuku Embukai was held at Fukuoka Budokan under a beautiful May weather.

The event commenced at 11 AM with the opening remarks by Takato Kanado, the chairman of the event organization committee, and we offered a silent prayer to the founder, Morihei Ueshiba Sensei and the second Doshu, Kisshomaru Ueshiba Sensei. The embus started after that.

The first half started with a children’s embu and it was followed by seniors’ embus, and “Hana-no-Aikido”. From overseas, Shoheijuku Aikido Canada, Vancouver Shomonkai, and Jikishin Dojo from China performed their embus.

Over 400 people participated in the embukai from all over Japan as well as the above-mentioned groups from overseas.

After the embukai, we had a party at Bell Classic Fukuoka Ohori and enjoyed talking as having good drinks together.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the volunteers.            

Events in May


The 35th Shoheijuku Embukai
Date: May 3
Place: Fukuoka Budokan


10 Fukuma Dojo (Fujioka)
11 Onga Dojo (Katsuhiko)
11 Maebaru Dojo (Suganuma)
12 Fukushima Kenjinkai (Suganuma)
16 Koga Dojo (Yamada)
16 Kurume Dojo (Fujioka)
18 Seinan University new member welcome event (Katsuhiko)
18 Kyushu University new member welcome event (Suganuma) 
19 Embukai review meeting
19 Zazen & Yoga
20 Kasuya Shoheijuku (Kido)
25 All Japan Embukai
(Katsuhiko, Yamada, Kido, Suganuma)
26 Yokohama Shomonkai
(Yamada, Kido, Suganuma)
24 ~ 27 Beijing Seminar (Fujioka)
28 Takamure Dojo (Fujioka)
28 Fukuma Ladies
29 Saga Shoheijuku (Fujioka)

— Morito Suganuma