Shoheijuku Newsletter December 2023

Kyudai-Seinan Joint Embukai

On November 3rd, the 51th Seinan University – Kyushu University Joint Embukai was held at the newly opened Seinan University martial art room. With the support of the Kyushu Student Alliance and nearby dojos, it was a successful event.

Kumamoto Dojo

On Sunday, November 5th, the examination and seminar for Kumamoto Dojo (Mr. Koichi Honda, Dojo Rep) were held at Kumamoto Budokan. Many people from nearby dojos participated as well.

Kurume Kosen 50th Anniversary

The embukai commemorating Kurume Kosen Aikido Club’s 50th anniversary was held at Kurume Arena on Saturday, November 11th. Mr. Takao Kunitomo who was the founder and the first captain of the club came from Kumagaya City to celebrate the anniversary. He looked happy watching energetic embus performed by his juniors.   

Nishinomiya & Izumi Otsu Dojo

On Sunday, November 19th, the seminar and examination for Nishinomiya Dojo and Izumi Otsu Dojo (Mr. Mitsuo Shimada, Dojo Rep) were held at Izumi Otsu City Gymnasium.

Oita Area Joint Examination

On Sunday, November 12th, the joint examination was held at Oita Prefecture Martial Art & Sports Centre.

Because over 200 people were tested, we had no joint seminar this time.   

Fukuoka University 30th Anniversary Embukai

On Saturday, November 25th, the 30th Fukuoka University Embukai was held at Fukuoka University General Gymnasium. Though we had a small number of participants, it was a very successful embukai.


On November 25th, Mr. Katsuhito Akamine of Nazuna Shoheijuku passed away at the age of 80. May he rest in peace.     

Events in December

2 – All Kyushu Student Alliance Embukai (Katsuhiko)
2 – Ogoori Dojo
3 – Isahaya Dojo
3 – Showakai (Yamada)
8 – Fukuma Dojo (Fujioka)
9 – Fukuoka Education Univ (Katsuhiko)
10 – Okagaki Dojo (Katsuhiko)
10, 11 – Kyu-Dan Examination
14 – Omuta Dojo
16 – Kampukan (Yamada)
16 – Seinan University (Katsuhiko)
16 – Kyushu University
17 – Jinenkai
18 – Kasuya Shoheijuku (Takemura)
19 – Fukuma Ladies (Fujioka)
20 – Umi Shounjuku (Takemura)
21 – Koga Dojo (Yamada)
21 – Kurume Dojo (Takemura)
23 – Fujisaki Dojo
24 – Yanagawa Dojo
26 ~ Jan 4 – Dojos closed
29, 30 – Year End Seminar
January 1 – New Year Seminar
January 5 – First day of regular classes

Main events Year-end/New Year

⦿ Year End Seminar

  • December 29 & 30
  • 10:30 ~ 12:00
  • Fee: 2200 Yen / day
  • Tenjin Dojo

⦿ New Year Seminar

  • January 2
  • 10:30 ~ 11:30
  • Tenjin Dojo
  • No fee required
  • No party after the seminar

⦿ We will begin the regular classes on January 5 just as usual.

As we say “Time flies like an arrow”, we have only one month left. Looking back, I can recall this and that as so many things happened this year.

I would like to sincerely thank all of you for all your support this year. I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! 

— Morito Suganuma