Fujisaki Dojo Wednesday Practice Temporary Suspension

We received a call from Momochi Junior High School, where we practice on Wednesdays, that the martial arts hall will not be available during the summer vacation due to repair work being carried out at the junior high school.
We apologize for the sudden notice, but we will be closed for practice on the following dates.
July 26th, August 2nd, August 9th, August 16th (Obon holiday), August 23rd
Practice will resume on Wednesdays on August 30th.
*Saturday class at Momochi Gymnasium will be as usual.

About Summer Training

Summer training has already started, but we will change it so that perfect attendance will be possible until August 12th (5 days).

Since Fujisaki Dojo members cannot practice on Wednesdays, if you are a Fujisaki Dojo member, you may practice alternately at any of the 6 main dojos (on any day) or Iki Dojo (Ikigaoka Junior High School from 19:15 to 20:15 on Wednesdays) instead.
If you go to practice at another dojo, please explain the situation to the instructor.

About suspending training

If you are a Fujisaki Dojo member who would like to suspend their training, such as those people who can only practice on Wednesdays, please contact the Shoheijuku office.
(NB: This notice is a translation from the Japanese notice. If you’re an English speaking member from Fujisaki Dojo and would like help contacting the office, please use the contact form in the menu on this site.)