Shoheijuku Newsletter June 2023

The 34th Shoheijuku Embukai

On May 3rd (National Holiday), the 34th Shoheijuku Embu Taikai was held at Fukuoka Budokan for the first time in four years. We could not have this annual event for the last three years due to COVID-19. We were finally able to have it this year and dojos from all over Japan as well as overseas joined us including Shoheijuku Aikido Canada, Vancouver Shomonkai and Kandojuku from China.

This year, we had a seminar before the embukai and it looked like many people were working out a good sweat.

The second half of the embukai started with the Hana-no-Aikido performance. This time, three elementary and one kindergarten students danced along with some adults. They looked so cute as well as dignified that they were basked in the applause from the whole audience.

The embus performed included ones by representatives from dojos, highly-ranked black belts, females, as well as instructors. 

I appreciate Norishige Sakai, the chairman, and all the executive committee members who took time for meetings in their busy schedule though we had a short period of time for preparation this time. I would also like to sincerely thank everyone who helped out in each section at the embukai.

All Japan Embukai

On Saturday, May 27th, the 60th All Japan Enbukai was held at Nippon Budokan (National Martial Art Hall). Shoheijuku as well as All Kyushu Student Alliance participated.

This year again, I was impressed to see the embu with full of energy performed by Hiroshi Tada Sensei (93 years old) and Katsuyuki Shimamoto Sensei (86 years old).

On the next day, we had a seminar and an examination for Yokohama Shomonkai at Taito Riverside Sports Center. We headed back to Fukuoka after that.


When you fill out an application form for examination, please print or use the square style.

Zazenkai Cancelled

The “Yoga & Zazenkai” in June will be cancelled. The one in July will be held on Sunday, July 9th.

Events in June

3, 4 – Yuyukai (Suganuma)
4 – Showakai (Yamada)
8 – Kurume Dojo (Takemura)
10 – Onga Dojo (Katsuhiko)
10 – Ogoori Dojo (Suganuma)
11 – Usa Dojo (Suganuma)
14 – Momochi Junior High School closed
17 – Momochi Palace closed
17 – Kurume Dojo (Suganuma)
17 – Student Alliance Exam (Katsuhiko)
18 – Oita Area (Katsuhiko)
18, 19 – Examination
19 – Kasuya Shoheijuku (Takemura)
20 – Fukuma Ladies (Fujioka)
21 – Umi Shounjuku (Takemura)
22 – Omuta Dojo (Suganuma)
23 – Fukuma Dojo (Fujioka)
24 – Tosu Shoheijuku (Suganuma)
25 – Shimonoseki Dojo (Suganuma)
28 to July 8 – Netherlands & Norway (Takemura)
29 – Koga Dojo (Yamada)

— Morito Suganuma