Shoheijuku Newsletter December 2022


On Saturday, November 5th, the examination and seminar for Yuyukai (Mr. Tsukasa Yoshida, Dojo Rep) were held at Kakogawa City Martial Arts Hall. Nearby dojos including Kobe Shoheijuku and Harima Shoheijuku as well as Kagurajuku from Shimane Prefecture joined us. 

I was especially impressed to see that the examinees were using atemi effectively and executing techniques for the children class examination.       

Nishinomiya & Izumi Otsu Dojo

On Sunday, November 20th, the seminar and examination for Nishinomiya Dojo and Izumi Otsu Dojo (Mr. Mitsuo Shimada, Dojo Rep) were held at Izumi Otsu City Gymnasium.

The children class students were cleaning the dojo efficiently and they looked having fun doing that. Because it was a practice with courtesy in a friendly atmosphere, I returned Fukuoka with a very good feeling.

Isahaya Dojo

On Sunday, November 27th, the joint examination and seminar for Isahaya Dojo Dojo (Mr. Naohiro Inoue, Dojo Rep) and Nagasaki Shomonkai (Mr. Atsushi Maeda, Dojo Rep) were held at Nagata Ikoino Hiroba Bumbukan in Isahaya City.

This time, the number of participants was restricted and we had about 50 people. I heard that the dojos especially had many novices in the children classes recently. There were also many female adult members and we enjoyed practicing in a cheerful atmosphere.   

Beppu Dojo

I could not include this in the last month edition. On Sunday, October 30th, the examination and seminar for Beppu Dojo (Mr. Hiroo Sakamoto, Dojo Rep) were held at Beppu City Martial Arts Hall. We also had participants from nearby dojos. It was a lively seminar.   


Thank you very much for celebrating my sanju (80th birthday) on November 23rd. I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I wish you a Happy New Year!     

Events in December & New Year

3 – Seinan University (Katsuhiko)
3 – Ogoori Dojo
4 – Yamaguchi Showakai
(Yamada, Suganuma)
7 – Asakura Dojo (Fujioka)
10 – UTEF’s 50th Anniversary
11 – Okagaki Dojo (Katsuhiko)
11 – Examination at Tenjin Dojo
— Children – 9:00, Adults – 10:30
11 – Zazenkai & Yoga 14:00
12 – Exam at Takasago Dojo (morning)
13 – Kurume Dojo (Nakamura) 
13 – Fukuma Ladies (Fujioka)
15 – Omuta Dojo
15 – Kurume Dojo (Takemura)
17 – Koga Dojo (Yamada)
17 – Kyushu University
18 – Jinenkai
21 – Umi Shounjuku (Fujioka)
23 – Fukuma Dojo (Fujioka)
24 – Fujisaki Dojo
25 – Yanagawa Dojo

⦿ Year End Seminar

  • Tenjin Dojo
  • December 29 & 30
  • 10:30 ~ 11:30
  • Fee: 2200 Yen / day

⦿ 2023 New Year Seminar – January 2

  • Tenjin Dojo
  • No party after the class

January 5 – Regular class begins

16 people from France will be visiting Shoheijuku Hombu Dojo (10:30 ~ 11:30)   

— Morito Suganuma