Shoheijuku Newsletter November 2022

Kobe Shoheijuku

For two days, October 1st (Sat) and 2nd (Sun), seminar and examination for Kobe Shoheijuku (Mr. Masami Kawabata, Dojo Rep) were held at Center Kakehashi. This time, we did not invite any other dojos and only the Kobe Shoheijuku dojo members participated.

There were a lot of questions after the examination on the second day and I made it just in time for my bullet train.     

Kumamoto Dojo 35th Anniversary

On Saturday, October 8th, the seminar and embukai commemorating the 35th anniversary of Kumamoto Dojo (Mr. Koichi Honda, Dojo Rep) were held at Kumamoto Martial Arts Hall. It was a lively embukai as many Shoheijuku dojos joined us from within the prefecture as well as from Omuta and Kagoshima.

Thirty-five years ago, the dojo was founded by Koichi Honda Sensei and Toshihiko Izawa Sensei. There must have been ups and downs since then but they have guided and trained many people. It was a commemorating embukai that made me feel the profound history of the dojo.     

I wish Kumamoto Dojo further success and prosperity.    

Osaka Shomonkai

On Saturday, October 15th, seminar and examination for Osaka Shomonkai (Mr. Yuuki Takeda, Dojo Rep) were held at Senri Chuo Gym. Due to COVID-19, we did not invite any other dojos. However, it was a productive seminar with lots of questions from the participants because it was held for the first time in a long time.   

On the same day, there was another seminar at Uji Shoheijuku in Kyoto, and Katsuhiko was invited. Accidentally, we were on the same bullet train on our way back. We sincerely thank Osaka Shomonkai members and Uji Shoheijuku members for all their help.      

Nagasaki Shomonkai

On Saturday, October 16th, the seminar and embukai commemorating the fifteenth anniversary of Nagasaki Shomonkai (Mr. Atsushi Maeda, Dojo Rep) were held at Nagasaki Prefecture Martial Arts Hall. Many people joined us not only from within the prefecture but also from Kumamoto and Fukuoka. This time, it especially became lively when a special embu “Hana-no Aikido” (a female dance with Aikido movements) was performed by some Shoheijuku members.

After the events, we had a party at Inasayama Kanko Hotel.    

Seinan-Kyudai Joint Embukai

The 50th Seinan University – Kyushu University Joint Embukai was held at Seinan University Aikido Dojo on Saturday, October 29th. As Seinan University Gym will be permanently closed at the end of the year, many graduates of the two universities joined us. It turned out a great embukai worthy of the 50th time.

After the event, I joined the party for the Seinan University members and we enjoyed talking about good old days with many former students. 

  • I visited Beppu Dojo on Sunday, October 30th but I could not include it due to the space limit. It will be on the next edition.

Events in November

5- Yuyukai
6 – Yatsushiro Dojo (Katsuhiko)
12 – Tosu Dojo
13 – Zazenkai & Yoga
20 – Nishinomiya & Otsu Dojo
23 – Sanju (80 years old) Celebration
(Joint seminar has been cancelled)
24 – Chikushino Dojo
26 – Maebaru Shoheijuku

The schedule may change depending on the situation. I would appreciate your understanding.

Morito Suganuma