[Typhoon] September 18th practice, examination, and zazen meeting

A large typhoon No. 14 is currently approaching Fukuoka.

Based on that, all practices and events on September 18th (Sun) will be canceled or postponed .

The details are as follows.

・Rehearsals at Hombu Dojo, Takasago Dojo, Fukuoka Dojo, and Ijiri Dojo (childrens’ class) will be closed.

・The examination meeting at Tenjin Dojo will be postponed. Details of the postponement will be announced at a later date.

・Zazen sessions at the Hombu Dojo will be cancelled.

For dojos other than Motobu, Takasago, Fukuoka, Ijiri, Tenjin, Gokoku, and Fujisaki, please check directly with the person in charge of each dojo.