Dan and Kyu Grading Schedule for June 2022

We are pleased to announce the schedule of Dan Promotion Examinations (Fukuoka area) in June.

As previously, examinations will take place at each dojo.

Monday, June 13th
Takasago Dojo 7:00 – Dojocho
Tenjin Dojo 19:00 – Dojocho

Tuesday, June 14th
Honbu Dojo 10:30 – Dojocho
Gokoku Dojo 18:30 – Dojocho

Wednesday, June 15
Honbu Dojo 18:30 – Dojocho

Thursday, June 16th
Fukuoka Dojo 7:00 – Dojocho
Fukuoka Dojo 18:30 – Dojocho

Friday, June 17th
Takasago Dojo 18:30 – Dojocho

Saturday, June 18th
Tenjin Dojo 10:30 – Dojocho
Ijiri Dojo 18:30 – Acting Dojo Chief

In principle, we ask that you take the test at your dojo, but if you are unable to make it, please take the test on the 19th (Sun.).

Sunday, June 19th
Tenjin Dojo 9:00- Dojocho

Please submit your application for examination and other documents as soon as possible.

If you are taking the test for Nidan or above, please submit the “Aikikai International Dan Certificate” along with your application for the test.