Shoheijuku Newsletter April 2022

Fukuoka University Embukai

On March 21st (Spring Equinox Day), events organized by the Fukuoka University Aikido Club Alumni Association were held at Tenjin Dojo. A joint practice for the current university club members and the alumni members was held in the first half and an embukai in the second half. As we had many family participants, it was held in a lively and friendly atmosphere.

The name of Fukuoka University Aikido Club Alumni Association is “Jigen-kai”. There is a Buddhist teaching called Muzai no Shichise  (Seven Offerings with No Possessions).  

Even if one does not have any money or possessions, there are seven things he/she can offer to others. One of them is called “Jigen-se”. In below, I would like to briefly explain one by one:    

  1. Wagan-se – offering a gentle, peaceful smile. There is no better make-up than a smile! 
  2. Aigo-se – offering gentle, caring words. Dogen Zenji, the founder of the Soto School of Buddhism, says that Aigo is a word given with a mind that a parent cares his/her child. Aigo has a power to change one’s mind completely, and even to turn a country or the world over.        
  3. Shin-se – offering thoughtful mind. If we can reach our warm hearts each other, we can cultivate a warm human relationship and develop a warm society.   
  4. Jigen-se (Gen-se) – As we say “eyes speak louder than words” or “the eyes are the window to the soul”, eyes reflect the person’s mind. Look at others with warm, caring eyes. 
  1. Shashin-se (Shin-se) – offering one’s physical body (work). Willingly offering hands such as cleaning some space for someone and helping someone who is in trouble for carrying a heavy stuff.   
  2. Bosha-se – offering accommodation. As the transportation system was inconvenient and there were not many accommodations available to travelers in the past, they needed to look lodging for a night. In such a case, offer your house as a one-night accommodation.
  3. Shoza-se – offering a seat. If you see a person who is aged, weak, or with a heavy baggage, give up your seat and offer it to the person.   

Events in April

2 • Uji Shoheijuku
3 • Yanagawa Dojo (Yamada)
10 • Kumamoto Dojo
12 • Kurume Dojo (Nakamura)
16 • Maebaru Dojo
17 • Zazenkai
21 • Koga Dojo (Yamada)
21 • Kurume Dojo (Takemura)
24 • Kokura Shoheijuku (Nakamura)
24 • Munakata Area Joint Examination
28 • Omuta Dojo
29 • Women’s Seminar
– Tenjin Dojo, 10:00 ~ 12:00
– Fee: 2200 Yen
– Joint practice and self-body maintenance methods
30 • Fujisaki Dojo
31 • Hibiki Dojo (Takemura)

— Morito Suganuma