Shoheijuku Newsletter March 2022

It is March already this year. I hear that the plum blossoms in Dazaifu are in full bloom now.

In such a very cold weather, we had the annual kan-geiko (winter practice period) until March 3rd. Though the length of the kan-geiko was 10 days in the past, we shortened it to 7 days since last year. It was held at the 10 directly-managed dojos, and the total of 70 people successfully completed it. The number of people who completed it at each dojo is as follows:

Fukuoka Dojo – 15
Takasago Dojo – 12
Fujisaki Dojo – 11
Omuta Dojo – 9
Ijiri Dojo – 5
Chikushino Dojo – 5
Tenjin Dojo – 5
Harima Shoheijuku – 4
Onojo Shoheijuku – 2
Shoheijuku Hombu – 2

For the commemorating towel for the kan-geiko completion this year, I wrote 徳は孤ならず 必ず隣あり」(Confucius said “A man of virtue does not remain lonely. He always has some companions”).  

A man of virtue will never be isolated. Because of his attractiveness as a person, people who are inspired will gather around him. I guess that is the meaning of this saying. 

The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba Sensei also said very often while he was alive:

The goals of Aikido are ki-iku (cultivation of energy), chi-iku (cultivation of wisdom), toku-iku (cultivation of virtue), tai-iku (cultivation of physical strength), and Joshiki-no-kanyo (cultivation of common sense).  

Events in March

3 Kyushu University (Katsuhiko)
5 Motooka Dojo (Katsuhiko)
12 Tosu Shoheijuku
13 Examination (at Tenjin Dojo)
(Katsuhiko, Yamada)
13 Yoga & Zazenkai (at Hombu Dojo)
19 Student Alliance Exam (Katsuhiko)
20 Seminar (Takemura, at Tenjin Dojo)
21 Fukuoka University Embukai (at Tenjin Dojo)
21 Chikugo Area Exam & Seminar (Katsuhiko)
25 Onojo Shoheijuku
26,27 Takayama Shinseijuku
27 Kagoshima Shoheijuku (Katsuhiko)
27 Kokura Kita Dojo (Takemura)
31 Koga Dojo (Yamada)

When we enter March, we can somehow feel that spring is approaching. 

Everyone has been practicing cheerfully at each dojo.

However, the situation with COVID-19 is still unpredictable. Let’s take an infection control measures as carefully as possible at your dojo, school, workplace, and home, so that we can enter a healthy, warm spring season.         

— Morito Suganuma