Shoheijuku Newsletter January 2022

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a healthy New Year’s Day in the Year of the Tiger. I look forward to practicing with you again this year.

On January 2nd, we had our annual Hatsu Geiko (the first-of-the-year practice) at Tenjin Dojo. Though it was right after the New Year’s Day, over 90 people joined us and worked up a good sweat together.

Every year, I write a word that can be a goal for the year and post it at each dojo. This year, I wrote a word from The Analects of Confucius – Chikaki mono yorokobeba, tokimono kitaru (If people nearby enjoy, people far away will come.).

Shoko inquired about government. Confucius said “If people nearby are happy, people far away will come.”

Shoko inquired Confucius how one should govern a country. Confucius said “If the people in the country are happy about his government, people far away will naturally admire him and come to the country.”

Making people nearby happy and gravitating people far away is very important for governing a country. That is what Confucius answered.

I believe, this is important not only for governing a country, but it can also be applied to how our dojo should be.

If we practice with a great, enjoyable atmosphere all the time, that will perhaps make people interested in Aikido and attract them to come to our dojo … I think.

This year, I would like to do my best, with cooperation of the instructors at each dojo, to create a good practice plan and atmosphere that all the dojo members can enjoy.

I would sincerely appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Events in January

2 Hatsu Geiko (Tenjin Dojo)
16 Shoheijuku Kagami Biraki
& Instructors’ Meeting (Tenjin Dojo)

• Zenzai-kai and practice we usually have are cancelled this time due to COVID-19.

22  OngaDojo
23  Yoga & Zazen-kai

• Hombu Dojo
• 2pm~3:30pm

30 Chikushino Dojo


For seven days until February 3, we will have Kangeiko (Winter training period) at each Shoheijuku dojo.

If you complete it, you will be awarded with a commemorative Japanese towel. By all means, please join us!