Shoheijuku Newsletter September 2021


We were saying “It’s so hot! It’s so hot!” every day, but before we knew it, fall is already around the corner as we have started hearing fall insects chirping. 

At each dojo, the annual shochu-geiko was held as carefully avoiding the three C’s in spite of the extreme hot weather as well as COVID-19. 

The number of people who completed the shochu-geiko at each dojo is as follows:

Fukuoka Dojo (14), Takasago Dojo (13)

Shoyukai (10), Fujisaki Dojo (9)

Omuta Dojo (7), Chikushino Dojo (6)

Oita Aikidokai (5), Harima Shoheijuku (4)

Onojo Shoheijuku (4), Ijiri Dojo (3)

Tenjin Dojo (2), Gokoku Dojo (1)

Honbu Dojo (1)

For the commemorating towel for the shochu-geiko completion this year, I wrote Aigo (愛語).

About “Aigo” – from “Power to survive: Zen Words” by Sakai Daigaku Sensei. 

The word “Aigo” appears in “Shobo Genzo”, a book written by Dogen Zenji who says “We must learn that Aigo has a power of Kaiten (廻天).” Aigo means offering a gentle word to someone as carefully considering the person’s feeling and position. “A power of Kaiten” means “a power to turn over heaven and earth”. In other words, Aigo has a power to change the person’s life completely. We must learn that. 

Nishinomiya Dojo & Izumi Otsu Dojo

On Sunday, August 1st, the kyu-dan promotion examination for Nishinomiya Dojo and Izumi Otsu Dojo (Mr. Mitsuo Shimada, Dojo Rep) was held at Izumi Otsu City Gymnasium. No other dojos were invited considering the impact of COVID-19 this time.         

Chikushino Dojo

On Sunday, August 8th, the examination and seminar for Chikushino Dojo (Mr. Yosuke Jozaki, Dojo Rep) was held at Rembukan.   

Hita Shoheijuku

On Sunday, August 21st, the kyu-dan promotion examination for Hita Shoheijuku (Mr. Shinichiro Hashimoto, Dojo Rep) was held at Nakajo Gymnasium in the city. Under the extreme hot weather, I was impressed by the attitude of Himawari Preschool students and returned home this year again.            

Events in September

5 – Minamata Dojo 20th Anniversary Embukai 

12 – Yoga and Zazenkai – 2 PM ~ at Shoheijuku 

13 ~ 18 – Examination at each dojo in the city 

19 – Joint Examination (at Tenjin Dojo) – 9 AM ~

23 – Seminar (at Tenjin Dojo)- 10 AM ~ 11:30 AM (Katsuhiko) – Fee: 2,200 yen

23 – Kokura Kita Dojo

25 ~ 26Takayama Shinseijuku

25 – Yamaguchi Showakai 

The plans are subject to cancel or change depending on the event venue’s circumstances. Thank you for your understanding. 

— Morito Suganuma