Shoheijuku Newsletter August 2021

Oita Area Joint Exam

On Sunday, July 11th, the joint examination for the Oita area was held at Showa Denko Martial Arts and Sports Center.

It was my first time to visit the center which was a fascinating facility gifted with the natural environment.

We had the examination for children in the morning and that for adults including high school students in the afternoon.

Though I was worried if each dojo could practice enough before the examination due to COVID-19, everyone tried hard even with a mask.

After the examinations, we had a question- and-answer session as well as a joint practice.


On Sunday, July 4th, the examination and seminar for Jinenkai (Dojo Reps: Yahata – Mr. Hiroshi Hinako, Shimonoseki – Mr. Hideo Matsuno, Wakamatsu – Mr. Shinya Maeda) were held at Shimonoseki Martial Arts Hall, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

In a usual year, we would enjoy having a party after the events, but it was cancelled because of the situation this year (That was unfortunate …).

Kagoshima Shoheijuku

On Sunday, July 18th, the examination and seminar for Kagoshima Shoheijuku (Mr. Yoichi Toyokura, Dojo Rep) and Kaede Kyoreisai (Mr. Hirotaka Osa, Dojo Rep) from Ichiki Kushikino City were held at Kagoshima Martial Arts Hall.

This time, the number of participants was restricted to fifty to avoid “San-mitsu (Three Cs)”. However, all the participants were practicing so eagerly and happily.

It has been only two years since Kagoshima

Shoheijuku was founded but the dojo already has many members. Though Mr. and Mrs. Toyokura were worried if their instructions for beginners would become sloppy, I had an impression that everyone had been practicing very carefully.

Yatsushiro Seibukan

On Sunday, July 25th, the examination for Yatsushiro Seibukan (Mr. Tatsuo Uemura, Dojo Rep) was held at Yatsushiro City Martial Arts Hall. Mr. Junji Murata, the director of Hitoyoshi Seishokan joined us, and some members from Asagiri Dojo (Mr. Kenji Takayama, Dojo Rep) took an exam as well. I heard that no other dojos were invited this time.

After the examination, I had lunch with Uemura Sensei (only two of us). Uemura Sensei told me about why he started Aikido, and how he joined Takasago Dojo. Unexpectedly, he also talked about his memories of Kisaburo Osawa Sensei. It was a very precious, enjoyable time for me.

Events in August

1 Nishinomiya Dojo, Izumi Otsu Dojo
8 Chikushino Dojo
* August 8 is Mountain Day (national holiday) but we will have the regular classes.
9 Zazenkai (in lieu of Mountain Day)
13 ~ 16 Obon Holidays
21~22 Hita Shoheijuku
26 Omuta Dojo
28 ~ 29 Kochi Aikido Group

— Morito Suganuma