Shoheijuku Newsletter July 2021

Chikushino Dojo

On Sunday, June 6th, the examination and seminar for Chikushino Dojo (Mr. Yosuke Jozaki, Dojo Rep) were held at Renbukan in Chikushino City.

It was a large dojo with approximately 130 tatami mats, but it was kept so clean that we had a comfortable practice. I hear that it is usually used for Shorinji Kempo and Yoga classes.    

As the dojo director’s wife practices tea ceremony, she kindly treated all the participants with tea after the seminar. Because it was first time for most of the people to do the tea ceremony protocols, everyone looked full of curiosity. Especially, many youth members got seconds probably because it was so delicious.    

I also realized that I had forgot the tea ceremony protocols completely so it was a good learning opportunity.

It was a day I reaffirmed how important it was to keep practicing constantly as well as learning until it becomes automatic just like Aikido.     

Thank you very much for the heartfelt hospitality for all the participants.  

~ Rikyu’s Seven Rules ~
  1. Make a satisfying bowl of tea (make it just right for the guest).
  2. Lay the charcoal so that the water boils efficiently.
  3. Arrange the flowers as though they were in the field.
  4. Provide a sense of coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.
  5. Be ready ahead of time (importance of having leeway).
  6. Prepare an umbrella even if it is not raining.
  7. Act with utmost consideration toward your guests (Be considerate as if it is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity).

These rules have much in common with Aikido teachings, don’t they?

Article Posted on “Budo”

An article I contributed has been posted in the section “My Training Period” on the “Budo” July Edition published by Nippon Budokan (Japan Martial Arts Hall). The contents of the article are:

  • Encounter with Aikido
  • Teachings of my mentors
  • Things I kept in mind during my training period
  • My memorable embu
  • My motto
  • Message to the readers, etc. 

If you would like to order one, please contact Shoheijuku (556 Yen).

Events in July

3 Tosu Shoheijuku
4 Shodan/Shokyu Exam
— At Tenjin Dojo from 9am
4 Shimonoseki Dojo
11 Oita Area Exam
18 Kagoshima Shoheijuku
18 Yanagawa Dojo (Yamada)
22 Yoga & Zazen
— At Hombu Dojo from 2pm
22 Seminar (Takemura)
— At Tenjin Dojo 
25 Yatsushiro Seibukan
25 Okagaki Dojo (Nakamura)
28 Saga Shoheijuku (Fujioka)
31 Tobata Dojo (Fujioka)

* Please note that the schedule may change depending on the situation.

— Morito Suganuma