Special Training for the Dan Promotion Examination

Due to the extension of the state of emergency in Fukuoka, regular training is being conducted on a non-contact basis.

For those who are unable to practice sufficiently for the examination (Fukuoka area) which will start at the end of June, we will offer special training for individuals or small groups.


Date, time, and place: Please let us know your preferred date, time, and place when you apply.

Contents: Points for judging, rehearsal

Practice fee: 2,200 yen per session

Instructor: Hideki Takemura Shihan

How to apply: Email shoheijuku@nifty.com or contact an instructor directly.

Practice will be conducted with masks and hand sanitizer to prevent infection.

If you are the only candidate, your instructor will do the ukemi.

Please let us know when you register if you will be accompanied by an uke.