Shoheijuku Newsletter April 2021

Tosu Shoheijuku

On Saturday, March 6th, the seminar for Tosu Shoheijuku (Mr. Yasuji Ueda, Dojo Rep) was held. This time, due to COVID-19, we had relatively a smaller number of children participated, but it was a fruitful practice.  

For your information, the multipurpose hall used for the seminar will be closed for a renovation from this August until next March. 

We will make an announcement as soon as we find a substitute location. 

Chikugo Area Joint Examination

On March 20th (Spring Equinox day), we had the joint examination and seminar for the Chikugo Area dojos at Kurume Arena. As we could not hold the seminar in March or September due to COVID-19 last year, it was the first time in two years. Before the event, I was a little worried because the members could not practice enough with the state of emergency restrictions, but everyone performed very well.  

I sincerely appreciate the members of Kurume Dojo for everything from the preparation to the cleanup. Next time, it would be wonderful if we can toast with beer after the event.  

Usa Aikidokai

On Sunday, March 21st, the examination and seminar for Usa Aikidokai (Mr. Masamitsu Nagaie, Dojo Rep) were held at Usa City Martial Arts Hall. It was especially impressive to see many families, brothers and sisters practicing together, and I felt a friendly, harmonious atmosphere. 

In front of the martial arts hall, there was a statue of the legendary Yokozuna, Futabayama. It is said that Futabayama set “Mokkei (Wooden Chicken)” in Zhuang Zi as his goal and made every effort toward it.   


Ji Shengzi, an expert fighting cock trainer, was training a cock for a king.

After about ten days, the king asked, “Can the cock fight now?” Came the answer, “Not yet. It is unreasonably blusterous.”

After a while, he asked again. Came the answer, “Not yet. It is still arrogant and looks down on an opponent.”

After another while, he asked again. Came the answer, “It is ready now. Even if another cock challenges, it does not change its attitude at all. It looks like a wooden cock. Other cocks will probably be no match for it.

Excerpt from “Kyoken Seiwa”


A member of Fukuoka Dojo. Aki Mizuma (Grade 1) won the grand prize of the 56th JA Kyosai Junior Students Essay Contest as well as the Japan Agriculture Newspaper Award. 

This news was also broadcasted on RKB Radio on March 4th. 

Events in April

3 Uji Shoheijuku
4 Yoga and Zazenkai
4 Yanagawa Dojo (Yamada)
11 Kumamoto Dojo
14 Umi Shounjuku (Fujioka)
18 Munakata Area Seminar
18 Yamaguchi Showakai (Yamada)
22 Omuta Dojo
25 Shoyukai
25 Kokura Shoheijuku (Nakamura)

— Morito Suganuma