Changes to training resulting from the January State of Emergency Declaration.

Fukuoka Prefecture has been added to the prefectures under the state of emergency on January 13th. As a result, there are changes to classes at the 7 main Fukuoka dojos.

During this period, we’d like to ask the following of everyone:

After training and cleaning, please do not hang around, but change your clothes immediately and leave the dojo.

We kindly ask for your cooperation so that, after evening classes, we can leave the dojo by 20:00.

Tenjin Dojo evening training will be from 19:00 to 19:45.

The Momochi Junior High School Budojo, which is used on Wednesdays at Fujisaki Dojo, cannot be used during the emergency period and so classes on Wednesdays will be off during this period.

The Momochi Gymnasium on Saturday will be held for now.

Please check the web site regularly for updates, as sudden changes may occur.