9th Notice of recruitment of Internet members (for March)

Shoheijuku is recruiting online members for the 9th time. We plan to deliver videos stored at Shoheijuku, such as Morito Suganuma’s past and present demonstrations, workshops, and classes to help support the continued existence of Shoheijuku Aikido.

As such, we hope that we many people as possible apply.

We are also planning to accept questions and requests, and have Professor Suganuma answer and deliver them respectively.

* The deadline is the 25th of January.

* Those who have already requested “continuous renewal” do not need to apply again.

If you would like to request after the deadline, please email us at shoheijuku3@gmail.com.

Delivery of the videos, etc. will be in March. To sign up and receive delivery:

  1. For distribution, we will utilise the file sharing function of Google Drive.

If you do not have a Google account, please set up Google Mail (GMail) and download and set up Google Drive for your GMail account.

  1. Please access the form link below to apply, before the deadline:


  1. After confirming the application details, we will inform you about the payment method of membership fee, viewing method, etc. to the registered Gmail.
  2. After the application deadline, as soon as the paperwork is completed, the video will be distributed (shared) during the distribution month.

-About Internet members-

The membership fee will be 3300 yen (tax included) .

* Overseas members: Please pay in Japanese Yen.

We apologise that the videos that we will provide are not particularly clear, either visually or audibly, as they were taken quite a long time ago and saved on VHS tape or similar.  As such, they will also not have any subtitles.

Currently, we are unable to provide consistent (eg: monthly) delivery. When we are ready to deliver the current round of videos, we will inform you, and upload around 10-30 videos to the shared folder within the month specified (in this case, March).

We hope that this video distribution business will help you in your training.

Aikido Shoheijuku Secretariat



(* The above Gmail address will be the contact address for Internet members.)