Shoheijuku Newsletter December 2020

As they say “Time and tide wait for no man,” we have only one month left this year. It was an unexpected year during whichthe whole world was at the mercy of COVID-19. I hope things return to normal as soon as possible.

Although we originally planned an enbukai this year for commemorating the 50th anniversary since I came to Kyushu, we postponed it due to CIVID-19. We were hoping to reschedule it to next year, but we have concluded that it is impossible to do it next year and postpone again because we cannot expect anend to the pandemic. 

I am very sorry for Doshu, Moriteru Sensei, Hombu Dojo-cho, Mitsuteru Sensei, and all the Shoheijuku members all over Japan as well as overseas for the inconvenience and their concerns. For the future plan, the Shoheijuku office or the executive committee will keep you posted. 

Events in December

8 ~ 14 Examinations at 7 main dojos
10 Omuta Dojo
13 Examination (Tenjin Dojo)
13 Zazen and Yoga (Honbu Dojo)
13 Oita area examination (Katsuhiko)
13 Terakoya Musojuku (Takemura) 
19 Fujisaki Dojo
20 Yanagawa Dojo
26 ~ Jan 4 New Years’ break
29, 30 Year-end Practice
– Tenjin Dojo 10:30 ~ 12:00
– Fee: 2,200 Yen per day

Events in January 2021

2 New Year’s practice

  • Tenjin Dojo 10:30 ~ 11:30
  • Fee: free
  • If too many people participate, we will have non-contact activities only.
  • No New Year’s party after the practice.

5 First regular class
10 Kagami Biraki at Hombu (Tokyo)
17 Shoheijuku Kagami Biraki
24 Usa Dojo
31 Chikushino Dojo

Nazuna Shoheijuku

On Thursday, November 19th, I visited the dojo of Nazuna (Mr. KatsutoAkamine, Dojo Rep) which operates the natural cycle farming method. Mr. Kazuo Tokuda usually teaches regular classes at the dojo, and I visit only once a year. 

After the practice, we enjoyed lunch with all the participants at Nazuna’s organic restaurant (Head Chef is Mr. Akamine’s son, Mr. Shigeru Akamine).

We received lots of positive energy from the practice in the clean air and the delicious lunch, and returned home.  

Kagoshima Shoheijuku

On Sunday, November 22nd, examination and seminar for Kagoshima Shoheijuku were held at their dojo. We had the dojo opening event just last year, but as many as 33 people joined us this time. Though it was the first examination session, everyone performed solid techniques faithfully following the basics. 

As there is an expression Ittai Soku Hiyaku (If united, a group will make a leap right away), it was a seminar where I felt a sense of warmth and unity based around Mr. Toyokura.

— Morito Suganuma