7th Shoheijuku Internet Membership

Shoheijuku plans to distribute online Morito Suganuma sensei’s movies/videos from embukai, seminars, classes, etc, from the past to the present.

We are also planning to have Suganuma sensei answer questions from the students.

The Internet membership fee will be used to maintain Shoheijuku activity. Your warm support for Shoheijuku would greatly be appreciated.

The 6th program will be distributed in December 2020. If you are interested, please submit the application form mentioned below:

  1. Distribution will be done through the “File sharing feature” of Google Drive. If you do not have a Google account, please be sure to open one and download the Google Drive app.
  2. Complete the application form using the link below and submit it.

(※Application deadline applied)


  1. After your application is confirmed, details of payment method, instructions for accessing will be sent to your registered Gmail address.
  2. After the application deadline, once administrative procedure is completed, the movies/videos will be distributed (shared) by the beginning of distribution month.

― About Internet Membership ―

Internet membership fee is 3,300 Japanese Yen (tax included)

※The price is the same for International members. Please pay JPY3,300 exactly.

The Internet membership fee will be used to maintain Shoheijuku activity. Many movies from the past have blurred/pixelated images and/or unclear sounds. Kindly be noted that the movies do not have English captions. Also, some movies have no record of when they were shot. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

This online service is not a regular (monthly) program. Shoheijuku secretariat will make an announcement when the next program is ready. A separate application is needed each time.

Within the distribution month, movies will be added to the shared folder. Between ten and thirty titles will be made available.

We hope that this online program will be a help for you to study Aikido.

Aikido Shoheijuku Secretariat

(+81) 92‐431-9104


(※This Gmail address is used for Internet Membership-related communication only.)