Shoheijuku Newsletter November 2020

We have only two months left this year. Though it was a year that we were at the mercy of COVID-19, I hope everyone is doing well.

Although we still cannot see any sign that things return to normal, we would like to progressively return to the way we used to do before the pandemic as carefully monitoring the situation at each dojo.

At the directly managed dojos, we still request participants to follow the basic protocols such as sanitizing hands when entering and exiting the dojo, wear a mask, avoiding the three C’s (Closed space, Crowded place, Close contact), and checking the body temperature.

No reservation required

Until last month, we requested those who were interested in attending my classes to make a reservation in advance. However, anyone can attend my classes without reservation as of November 1. Please pass this information to the people who have been absent for a while.    

Onga Dojo

On Saturday, October 10th, an examination and a seminar for Onga Dojo (Mr. Norio Nishioka, Dojo Rep) were held at Onga Minami Junior High School Martial Art Room. Though we had a smaller number of children class participants than usual, some people from other dojos joined us. We practiced barehand techniques, basic bokken suburi, and kumitachi.

Omuta Dojo

On Thursday, October 22nd, we had a seminar for Omuta Dojo (Mr. Takasuke Ishido, Dojo Rep). Two people from Minamata Dojo joined us.

We are planning to have the dojo’s 50th anniversary event in November 2021,   


On Sunday, October 25th, an examination and a seminar for Shoyukai (Mr. Yasuhiko Nakadeguchi, Dojo Rep) were held at Hinode Chuo Community Center Ju-Kendo Dojo. 36 people took the examination.

Hita Shoheijuku

On Saturday, October 31st, an examination session for Hita Shoheijuku was held at Hita City Martial Art Hall. This time, we had only the examination but not a practice. 

In the morning, we visited Kangien, which was founded by Hirose Tanso, a Confucian in the late Edo Era. The school had over five thousand students until it closed in Meiji 30 (1897).   

The school produced a number of talented people such as Takano Choei, Omura Masujiro, and Cho Sanshu. I heard that the name Kangien represented its educational philosophy for respecting each student’s will and character. 

Events in November

15        Nishinomiya Dojo & Izumi Otsu Dojo
19        Nazuna Shohei Juku
21        Tosu Shohei Juku
22        Okagaki Dojo (Katsuhiko)
23        Joint Practice (Tenjin Dojo)
            10 AM – 11:30 AM
            (including the Q&A session)         
23        Zazenkai & Yoga
            2 PM ~ (Honbu Dojo)
26        Chikushino Dojo
28,29  Uwajima Shoheijuku
28        Tobata Dojo (Fujioka)
29        Nakatsu Shoheijuku (Katsuhiko)

* Please note that the schedule may change depending on the situation.

— Morito Suganuma