Shoheijuku Newsletter September 2020

Late summer greetings! 

It was expected to cool down a little after Obon (the Buddhist holiday in mid-August), but the extreme heat never ends, as if it is competing with the COVID-19. It has been over 35 degrees every day. I hope all is well with you.

This year, we held Shochu Geiko (mid-summer practice period) for one week before Obon, which was 3 days shorter than usual. Regardless of the concerns about COVID-19 as well as the extreme heat, as many as forty-five people at the seven main dojos in the city and Chikushino Dojo completed Shochu Geiko this time.    

On the commemorating towel for the Shochu Geiko completion this year, I wrote “Rikuchukan (Views in six situations)”. This is a word Yasuoka Masahiro Sensei kept in mind as the guiding principle for his own life.  

1. Shichu Katsu Ari – Life in Death.

In a desperate situation, that is when we can find a way out to survive. If you do your best as if it is your last, there is no way you cannot open.  

”Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  

2. Kuchu Raku Ari – Pleasure in Hardship

Hardship and pleasure are relative to each other. Pleasure resides in hardship and vice versa. If you are struggling to achieve something, that is the situation where you can find true pleasure.

“Turn hardship into pleasure. Observe the world freely.” — Yamaoka Tesshu

3. Bochu Kan Ari – Leisure in Business

“I am too busy to do something.” That is just an excuse. You should be able to find spare time, even a little. You can try what you wanted to do making use of that little spare time. 

“You have no time? You must be kidding. You are just not motivated.”

4. Kochu Ten Ari – Heaven in Vase

Even if you are living a busy daily life, you should have something giving you inner peace or your own world.        

5. Ichu Hito Ari – Person in Mind

You should always have someone you respect or someone you can recommend for an important matter, and treasure the everyday relationship with such trustworthy friends.  

“Though there are lots of people out there, there are no outstanding ones. Be an outstanding one. Make an outstanding one.”

Uesugi Yozan

6. Fukuchu Sho Ari – Book in Belly

This literary means having a book in the belly, namely having own belief, philosophy, motto, or deskside book.  

Article posted on “Budo”

An article Katsuhiko Suganuma wrote is posted on the monthly magazine “Budo” September edition. The title is “My Training Method”. Please read it if you have a chance.

Events in September

6 Yoga and Zazenkai
13 Yamaguchi Showakai (Yamada)
13 Shoninjuku (Nakamura)
14 ~ 19 Kyu/dan promotion exams at 7 main dojos in Fukuoka. The exams will be held during the regular classes.
20 Kyu/dan promotion exam
22 Kokura Kita Dojo
22 Weapons workshop (Nakamura)
25 Onojo Shoheijuku
27 Okagaki Dojo (Nakamura)
27 Usa Dojo (Katsuhiko) – tentative

— Morito Suganuma