September Training Update

Classes at the 7 main dojos will continue to consist of a focus on non-contract training as before, with an additional 1-2 empty-handed techniques.

Please note that the content of the lesson may change depending on the status of the novel corona virus infection rate.

You are welcome to continue to wear loose, comfortable clothing as you like from September.

※ If you have any concerns about performing contact techniques during class, feel free to sit aside and watch instead when these techniques are being practiced.

Reservations and fees

The reservation system will continue as before. To participate in training at the main dojos, please contact Hombu Dojo by telephone or email to make a reservation.

The training fee is ¥2,200/month as usual.

If you would like to stop training, please contact Hombu Dojo.

If you are not currently enrolled to practice, the training fee is 1,650 yen/day as usual .

※Please note that for the time being, non-Shohei Juku members are not allowed to practice.

Contact details for Hombu Dojo:

Phone 092-431-9104

Dojo Schedules

Please see this PDF for a list of class instructors during September. (Note: The dojo web pages have not been updated.)