September Grading 2020

In September, to prevent large gatherings, gradings will be conducted at each individual dojo from Monday, September 14th through to Friday, September 19th during the training hours taught by Suganuma Sensei.

Those unable to grade during the above schedule, and those who do not fall under the guidance of Suganuma Sensei will be examined at Tenjin Dojo from 9:00 on Sunday, September 20th .

📥 Those who wish to take a grading examination must submit the examination request at least 3 days in advance.

If you are unable to submit your examination request in advance at your dojo, please contact Hombu Dojo.

🚫 We’d like to request that people not participating in the examination or class refrain from attending just to watch. 

This time, the examination will be conducted with careful attention to infectious diseases. Therefore, examinees and people taking ukemi should carefully consider the following before proceeding with the examination.

・Similar to regular practice, wear a mask.

・So as to reduce heavy breathing, techniques should be performed slowly, gently, conscientiously, and precisely. 

・Those who are acting as uke should not grip hard or hit fast so to prevent excess exertion and heavy breathing. Ukemi should be gentle, light and easy.

Instead, the emphasis will be on whether you remember techniques correctly, as well as the accuracy of the technique performed.

To assist with this, please see the above technical reference video.