Shoheijuku Newsletter August 2020

Midsummer greetings!

There was a torrential rainfall that caused serious disasters in various areas recently. I hope your region was okay.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who lost their lives and their families. I would also like to offer my heartfelt sympathy to the people affected by the disaster.

I would sincerely like to thank all those who have kindly been concerned about Shoheijuku and generously made donations to support our dojo’s operations even in such a hard situation.

Thought we resumed the classes with the encouragement and support from many people as well as the help of the part-time instructors, we have not gone back to the original, full-scale practice. We do not know yet how long this situation lasts, but we would like to continue to do our very best.

This month, I selected some Japanese short poems I heard from other people or read in some books that can enrich our hearts and lift our spirits. I hope everyone finds them helpful.

katajikenashi to
Asayuu ni
Omoi kuraseba
Magakoto no nashi

How grateful
How grateful
From morning to evening
Keeping that feeling
No misfortune happens

“If you keep the sense of appreciation all the time from the morning to the evening, there will be no misfortune in your life.” — Deguchi Onisaburo, founder of Omoto School of Shinto, who influenced the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshba Sensei.

Katajikenai expresses that one is feeling thankful for receiving undeserved favor.

Magakoto means a misfortune.  

Waga inochi
Megumi tamaeri
Ame to Tsuchi to Hito to

How grateful 
One day again
My life is
blessed by
Heaven, Earth, and people

“How grateful! I had a peaceful day again today, thanks to the blessing of Heaven, Earth, and People.” — Sasaki Nobutsuna, poet, Japanese classical scholar.

We can welcome a new day today, thanks to the blessing of Heaven, Earth, and People.  

Ikiruya kyono
Kono inochi
Ametsuchino on
Kagirinaki on

Being kept alive
I live today
This life
Benefit by Heaven and Earth
Everlasting benefit

“I can live my life today, thanks to the everlasting grace of Heaven and Earth keeps me alive.” — Dr. Hirasawa Ko, former President of Kyoto University.

Arigatai tote
Yoni sumeba
Arigataki koto nomizo arikeru

How grateful
How grateful
Live in this world
Only fortunate things happen

“If you live your life being grateful all the time, only fortunate things will happen to you.” — Kurozumi Munetada, founder of Kurozumi School of Shinto.

The common theme in the poems composed by the four sages is a sense of “gratitude.” Today again, I would like to live my life as sincerely appreciating the life given to me..  

Shiawase wa Itsumo Jibun no Kokoro ga Kimeru

“Happiness is what your feelings determine all the time.” — Aida Mitsuo

The rainy season has finally finished in the Northern Kyushu. Shochu Geiko will start at each dojo soon. COVID-19 is still spreading all over Japan rather than ending. Let’s get over the hot summer as being careful at the dojo or your workplace avoiding the three C’s (confined space, crowded space, and close contact).

— Morito Suganuma