Information about resumption of Aikido training

Shoheijuku is happy to announce that Aikido classes will resume from Tuesday, June 16, under some limitations and restrictions, such as wearing a face mask, maintaining social distance, a health check and behavior survey.

Please see Shoheijuku’s Measures against Infectious Diseases for the details.  

Shoheijuku’s Measures against COVID-19 (To be uploaded)

shoheijuku’s Recommended Guidelines regarding Measures against COVID-19

Until further notice, the classes will be led by full-time instructors (Suganuma sensei, Katsuhiko sensei and Uchideshi), and will only include non-contact practice such as warm-up exercises,  independent practice/movements, weapon techniques and kata (patterns of movement).

Please check below the schedule to join practice:

Membership fee for June

Adult members (High school students and above)… JPY1,000/ class (tax included)

Children’s class…Free

To Book a Reservation and Participate

In an effort to prevent and minimize the spread of the virus, students are only allowed to join a class at the dojo they belong to. Please do not participate in classes at other dojos (dojos you don’t belong to).

For adult classes, the number of participants is limited. Therefore, students are requested to reserve a slot in advance. Only students who made an advance reservation are able to join the class. (You are not allowed to join a class without advance reservation.)  

If applicants are more than expected, the class may be divided into two separate classes. Therefore, please be sure to reserve your slot. 

Children’s classes do not require advance reservation. (Expect Takasago Dojo. Gokoku dojo children class will be closed for June.)

To book a spot, contact Shoheijuku Honbu Dojo (Secretariat)

Tel :092‐431‐9104 (office hour: Weekday 9:30 am – 15:00 pm, Saturday 9:30am – 14:00 pm) 


In your email for booking, please provide the following information (You may copy & paste the format below into your email):



  1. 氏名 (Name): 
  2. 所属道場 (Dojo):
  3. 参加希望日時 (Date & time of the class(es) which I wish to join):


       4.連絡先 (Contact point) 

          電話番号 (phone number): 0X0-XXXX-XXXX

          メールアドレス (Email address): xxxx @


Class Schedule 

June, Shoheijuku Dojo Class Schedule


For July, information will be communicated later.