Shoheijuku Newsletter June 2020

Classes will resume in June

As the classes at each dojo have been closed since the middle of March, I have not seen everyone for over two months. How have you all been keeping?

Green leaves of trees are beautiful, and it is not that hot or cold. It is the best season to practice Aikido. This year, however, the situation has been too serious to practice Aikido. May people who passed away due to COVID-19 rest in peace. I also hope those who suffered from the virus get better as soon as possible.    

The state of emergency has been lifted, and I heard that the classes at Aikikai Headquarters will resume in June.

We are planning to gradually resume the classes at each Shoheijuku dojo as well. In restarting the classes, we should be extra careful to avoid the 3 C’s – Closed, Crowded, and Close-contact settings. Please also make sure to take measures against infection, injury, and heatstroke.

In June, the classes at the seven directly-managed dojos in Fukuoka will be instructed by the full-time instructors. We will set strict regulations for the dojo activities including entering and exiting the dojo as measures against the infectious disease. As everyone’s health is most important, your co-operation would be sincerely appreciated.

Shuji and Zazenkai

We will resume our shuji (calligraphy) classes as well as zazenkai.

Tuesday, June 9th, 11 AM ~ 12 PM
Wednesday, June 10th, 5 PM ~ 6 PM
Location: Hombu Dojo

Saturday, June 6th
11 AM ~ 12 PM and 3 PM ~ 4 PM

Sunday, June 7th
11 AM ~ 12 PM and 3 PM ~ 4 PM

Location: Hombu Dojo

  • The maximum number of participants will be 20. Please contact our office in advance if you would like to attend the zazenkai.
  • We will do some yoga stretching as preparatory exercises. Please wear a cloth good for exercises.
  • Please bring your own drink (water, tea) and towel.
  • If you have your own meditation cushion, please bring it.    


Our dojos have been closed for approximately two months. I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the heartwarming donations we received from many people during the dojo closure. We will resume the classes gradually starting in June. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in good shape.       

— Morito Suganuma