Shohei Juku Newsletter May 2020

In a typical year, it is a very lively season with lots of events held all over Japan because of the Golden Week. However, the situation is very different this year as COVID-19 is still raging, and the state of emergency which was supposed to be lifted on May 6 originally is apparently going to be extended. This unprecedented situation is likely to be prolonged further. I hope all the dojo members are keeping well at home.

Because we cannot practice Aikido at all now, I have been wondering how everyone is doing lately.

(Just now, I heard an announcement on the radio that the state of emergency has officially been extended.)

Please be advised that our dojos will also be closed until the state of emergency is lifted. Please take great care of yourself.

I will be on the radio

I will be in a radio show which will be broadcasted on Saturday, May 23 from 5:05 PM to 5:20 PM. It is a radio show called “Suma Hayashida’s Banzai to Mother” on RKB Radio. In the show, I will be talking with a freelance announcer, Ms. Suma Hayashida, about memories of my mother and my mother’s favorite songs will be played. Please listen to it if you have time. (You can listen to it on Radiko as well.)

Enbukai next year: Saturday, May 1

As already announced last month, we could not hold the “Morito Suganuma Shihan Kyushu Dispatch 50th Anniversary Enbukai” originally planned on Sunday, April 19 this year due to the influence of COVID-19, and we decided to postpone it to next year.

It is truly regretful because many people from affiliated dojos all over Japan as well as overseas were planning to come all the way for the celebration. Though we are planning to hold the next enbukai on Saturday, May 1 next year, we are still uncertain about what will happen because of the influence of COVID-19.

We need a little more time to see the situation. We sincerely apologize for worrying all of you and for any inconvenience this may cause. We would appreciate your understanding and patience.

Keep practicing preparatory exercise?

Last month, I wrote an article “Suggesting Aikido Preparatory Exercise”. Do you still do it? In my case, I do it every morning as usual at a relatively slow pace along with some additional stretching exercises. In the evening, I do it at the pace that we do in a regular class.

A ballerina, Ms. Yoko Morishita says,

“If I do not practice for one day, I will know it. If I do not practice for two days, my partner will know it. If I do not practice for 3 days, the audience will know it.”

A word of a true professional resonates with our soul, doesn’t it?

— Morito Suganuma